About Us

The Idea

Chic Allie started with the idea of providing innovative and on-trend makeup for women.
While trying out makeup with my mom, who has leukemia, I was reminded how makeup could make you feel better no matter what you're going through. In those moments, we enjoyed seeing each other pretty. And that's when I realized the enormous impact makeup could have on women, regardless of their health or any other circumstance they go through daily.

The Decision

It was then that I decided to start Chic Allie to make women feel good about themselves and, at the same time, support all women fighting cancer.

The Impact

Chic Allie was created to make an impact on every woman. Our way to give back to the community is by donating a percentage of all purchases to a woman fighting against cancer. 

Judith C. Founder
Chic Allie Beautiful for a Cause


Know anyone that is fighting against cancer and would like to be receive our support and featured in Chic Allie?

Please send us their information to info@chicallie.com.