The Importance of Mental Health & Beauty

Your mental health is a crucial aspect of your well-being. Your ability to function emotionally, socially, and on a psychological level, among other things, is determined by this component of your wellness. And the fact that about 25% of the population in Europe suffers from depression and anxiety, is alarming indeed.

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Have you ever thought about how makeup can help us fight mental health issues? It might sound ridiculous that makeup can be a problem solver in this case but, makeup is indeed therapeutic. To back this notion up, there are many articles and research available on the internet. Her World suggests that makeup has had drastic changes on the mental health of a person.


Let’s take a look at how makeup can help you fight the battle of mental illness.


Makeup as A Hobby 

Picking up a creative hobby such as applying makeup; is always a great option to distract yourself from any sort of negativity. It calms your mind and helps it to stay focused intently on something. The inner creative self of yours remains alive with the help of make-up as it reduces stress, anxiety, and past trauma.


Sense of Control With the Help of Makeup

Often times people going through a mental illness, feel they have lost a sense of control in their life. This very unsettling feeling can cause trouble in one’s mind. Make-up to some extent, helps you overcome this feeling as you have complete control over the process and its outcome. You can choose whatever colors or products you desire. You are not restricted to follow any rules when applying makeup.


Skincare is Indeed Self-care

Putting efforts to improve the health of your skin really affects your mental health. People have claimed that their mood changes instantly with a skin-care routine. It boots their confidence and gives them a sense of control over how their day will unfold. Keeping your body clean and pure is one of the tried and tested techniques for invoking your inner peace.


Makeup - A Source of Calmness

Make-up can be a source of calmness. A makeup session might function exactly like a meditation session and aid in mind-clearing. We never stop moving quickly from one thing to another. The ideal way to start your day may therefore be to spend even ten minutes each morning applying makeup. It provides you time to relax and mentally get ready for a hectic and occasionally stressful day.

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Contribution of Chic Allie

Every woman is the target audience for Chic Allie. We donate a percentage of every purchase to a woman battling cancer as part of our effort to give back to the community. A new stunning warrior who wants our help will be chosen by Chic Allie. 


There’s no shame in accepting that beauty has the power to save the world based on its therapeutic qualities. Everyone may maintain or improve their mental health and preserve their own inner world - thanks to the option to incorporate their favorite beauty items into one efficient regimen. This will help individuals to communicate well, live in harmony, and resolve disputes amicably.

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