How to Succeed In Your Small Women-Owned Business

 Over years, women have left no stone unturned to make themselves capable of doing anything and everything a man can do. In a male-dominated society, ladies have left no chance to become a leader. And it’s safe to say that many women have achieved great success through a small venture of their own. And they are proved to be great leaders indeed.

How to Succeed In Your Small Women-Owned Business

Before we step into any success story of a woman, ask yourself, do you think it’s important for a woman to have something of her own? Something she can call her baby (other than her actual baby, of course). If you do, try answering the question, why? Why is it important for a woman to have anything she can call her own? If you’re even the slightest bit confused, I’ve got the answer for you.

Apart from stepping into the workforce and being able to support her lifestyle needs, a woman should own a business so she steps away from any kind of negativity in the world and do something she loves. To have more control over her life. And it could be anything. You can start a business of stickers if that’s what you feel passionate about. Literally.

If you are someone who’s looking for inspiration and motivation to start her own business, I have compiled two success stories of women-owned small businesses.

A Pastry Chef, Sharon Mickel

In Chattanooga, Tennessee, Sharon Mickel runs a bakery with a focus on cinnamon rolls and bread puddings. Her company now has a large clientele and makes its owner wealthy. It is difficult to imagine how it all began after seeing how successful it has become. Sharon raised four children while putting in long hours from 9 to 5. Although spending a lot of time at work, she barely managed to make the ends meet. 
Her divorce served as motivation to bring about change. She decided to attend culinary school to fulfill her aspirations. The six-week Pastry Arts course Sharon took drastically altered her life. Teachers at Sharon's school recommended organizations that assisted her in starting her own business.
Sharon worked hard at marketing her business in addition to producing exquisite confections. The success of the bakery and Sharon's ability to feel independent and free were made possible through customer reviews, business cards, and advertisements on TV, radio, and in newspapers.

A Beauty Lover and Supportive Daughter, Judith Chapman

 Meet Judith Chapman, a beauty lover and a supportive daughter who founded Chic Allie, a makeup brand that offers modern and fashionable cosmetics for women. Inspired by her leukemia-stricken mother, Judith saw how cosmetics could positively impact a woman's mood, regardless of their situation.
Starting a business from scratch is never easy, and Judith faced numerous challenges, from developing the brand, testing products, choosing suppliers, and organizing logistics, all while juggling her family, full-time job, and personal life.
However, her enthusiasm and hard work paid off, and today, Chic Allie offers cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics that benefit a good cause. A portion of every transaction goes towards supporting women battling cancer, reflecting Judith's commitment to giving back to the community.


Operating a successful business requires a combination of creativity, innovation, and hard work. Women, in particular, have an exceptional ability to tap into their creativity and use it to solve problems and overcome challenges. In my opinion, women have a natural inclination towards creativity, and they bring a unique perspective and energy to the table. Starting a business is a daunting task, but women have always been up for the challenge, and they continue to prove themselves as resilient, adaptable, and successful entrepreneurs.

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