How Makeup Makes Women Feel More Powerful

I've been wearing makeup since I was 12. My favorite thing to do back in childhood was sneak into my mom's makeup box and apply loads of it. And even as a kid, I felt invincible and beautiful every time I applied it. 

The best part was the fear of my mom seeing me paint my face with her gorgeous makeup palette was also swept under the rug, all thanks to the power of makeup.

How Makeup Makes Women Feel Powerful_Chic Allie

It's also scientifically proven that makeup can make women feel more confident and smarter.

Whether it's that sleek winged-eyeliner stamp or that blood-red hot lipstick, the boost in confidence is unwavering.

The Power of Makeup

I remember this one time when a man at work wouldn't take my junior seriously. So I told that little girl to put some makeup on and draw attention to her lips or eyes the next time you visit him. 

And trust me, fellas, he was really intimidated by her, and within minutes he got done what she'd been asking him to do for days. There's just something about that day that always makes me giggle a little. 

Enhances your beauty

You all must know that there's this misconception about women using cosmetics to change themselves. Little do they know that makeup doesn't change us; it just enhances us for the better. It adds to the beauty that we are already blessed with. 

The taboo surrounding this technique is absurd because women have used it for generations to enhance their femininity, make themselves more attractive, and appeal to nobody but themselves.

No Rules To Do Makeup

What I love about makeup is how makeup has no rules. You can be as experimental with it as you want. From making someone look like a Disney princess to mimicking the appearance of a walking-dead zombie, this mind-blowing art form has taken the internet by storm. 

How Makeup Makes Women Feel Powerful_Chic Allie

Ditching the traditional way of doing makeup and experimenting with this art form to express yourself feels indeed liberating.

Acts As A Connecter Rather Than A Divider

So when I say women bond over makeup, I mean it. I won't be lying if I said that I found my holy grail foundation with the help of a woman I met in a restaurant restroom. Crazy, no? And while we're talking about women bonding over makeup, try out this amazing Chic Allie's Eyebrow Stamp. I bet you will love how it gives an edge to the frame of your face. So women indeed use makeup as a connecter rather than a divider. 

Do not be ashamed of admitting that you love makeup. Let the world know you are not doing it because you want to look good to boys, are insecure about yourself, or do not love yourself enough. 

You do it because you love it, because it's fun. Because makeup is therapy, we do not consider acquiring it when depressed. Trust me, pals, makeup is one of those amazing things that can help you get out of bed and do wonders in your own way. 

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Supporting each other

At Chic Allie, we believe that the inside beauty matters. That's why we work so hard to make women feel powerful and beautiful with our products. And some of us need it the most; that's why we support beautiful women fighting against cancer. 

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