Barbie-Inspired Makeup Looks: How to Do Barbie Makeup

The world of fashion and beauty has always been captivated by Barbie, the iconic doll that has been inspiring generations for decades. With the release of the latest Barbie movie on July 21 in the U.S., the Barbie trend is back in full swing on TikTok and Instagram! From pink clothes and purses to suitcases and beyond, everything is turning pink around the world. But it's the beauty trend that has taken center stage, as top influencers across the globe are crafting stunning pink makeup looks to channel their inner Barbie. In this blog, we'll explore different ways to create a makeup Barbie look using a variety of pink shades, allowing you to join in on the fun and embrace this fabulous trend!


Pretty in Pink: Soft and Subtle Barbie Look

For those who prefer a more understated approach, the soft and subtle Barbie look is just the thing. Start with a light pink eyeshadow as a base and add a touch of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes. Enhance your lashes with a few coats of volumizing mascara and opt for a delicate pink blush to give your cheeks a rosy glow. Finish the look with a winged pen eyeliner for a captivating gaze and use a glossy pink lip balm or sheer lipstick for a natural and youthful vibe.

Barbie Makeup Look
Recreate this look: @ivonag805

Glam Barbie: Glitter and Sparkle

If you're feeling adventurous, go all out with the glamorous Barbie look! Begin by using a light pink eyeshadow as a transition shade, then build up the drama with a deeper pink shade on the outer corners. Intensify the glam with a dash of glitter eyeshadow or white face rhinestones to make your eyes pop. Pair this eye-catching look with dramatic false lashes and a neutral pink lipstick for a confident and fierce appearance.

Barbie Makeup Look

Recreate this look: @aleclaudiaglam


Barbie Doll Cut Crease: Define and Conquer

The Barbie Doll Cut Crease is all about precision and definition. Start by creating a sharp crease using a white shade and blend it out with a deeper pink shade on the eyelids. Use concealer to carve out a clean line on your eyelids, accentuating the cut crease effect. Finish by filling it your eyebrows with an eyebrow stamp for precision and defined brows. For lips, stick to a hot pink lipstick with a hint of gloss for a chic and polished finish.

Barbie Makeup Look

Recreate this look: @humberta_makeup94


Monochromatic Barbie: Pink from Head to Toe

To fully immerse yourself in the Barbie trend, try the monochromatic look! Use various shades of pink for your eyes, cheeks, and lips to create a harmonious and captivating appearance. You can experiment with different textures, such as matte and metallic, to add depth to the overall look. This style is sure to turn heads and demonstrate your commitment to the Barbie aesthetic.

barbie makeup looks 2023

Recreate this look: @aleclaudiaglam


Pretty in Pink Cut Crease

For a more daring Barbie look, the pretty in pink cut crease is the way to go! This style demands precise eyeshadow placement, creating a bold contrast between a vibrant pink shade on the lid and a dark, shimmery hue on the brow bone. The key to nailing this look is finishing it with a winged eyeliner and long, fluttery lashes. The finished result will be a striking and edgy Barbie look that demands attention.

Babrie makeup look trend 2023
Recreate this look: @humberta_makeup94

The Barbie trend has taken the fashion and beauty world by storm, and now it's your turn to join in on the fun! With various ways to create a makeup Barbie look using pink colors, you can channel your inner doll and embrace the magic of pink. Whether you prefer a soft and subtle approach or a bold and dazzling style, there's a Barbie makeup look for everyone to rock. So, grab your pink palettes and brushes, and let your creativity shine as you step into the glamorous world of Barbie-inspired makeup!

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